How To Use Rufus To Create A Bootable USB Drive

Rufus  is an "online" tool used on Windows systems to help create bootable USB drives. The system has been created to give people the opportunity to put pre-compiled images (ISO files) onto a USB drive, making it bootable. Freely distributed, it's … Lire la suite

MSVCP100 DLL Missing Error Fix

Microsoft  Visual C++ Redistributable  packages are pieces of software which act as "library" files. This means that if a program wishes to include a certain type of functionality, the developer can simply include various files from a specific VC++ ver… Lire la suite

How To Fix Error 0x80240034 in Windows 10

The  0x80240034  error with Windows 10 is caused by Windows Update being unable to download the various files it requires to perform the updates that Windows requires. The error is specifically known as the " WU_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILED " error, basically mea… Lire la suite

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